Hydro Vacuum Excavations Auckland

Hydro Vacuum Excavations and removal of soil using high pressure water and a powerful vacuum system

Welcome to All Go Hydro, your go-to specialists in hydro vacuum excavations, soil excavation and removal using high-pressure water and a powerful vacuum system. As a New Zealand owned and operated company, we cover the Greater Auckland region, bringing over 30 years of industry experience to every job we do.

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Excavations Made Easy For Delicate Projects

With hydro vacuum excavations, we can help you avoid the risks and delays that come with traditional excavation methods. Our equipment and expertise enable us to handle all kinds of jobs quickly and safely, delivering outstanding results every time.

So, what is hydro excavation? It's a non-destructive digging method that's perfect for excavation work where delicacy and precision are required. With the increasing congestion of underground areas, it's not always possible to rely on accurate maps of utilities. Hydro excavation breaks down dirt using water pressure, and the debris is then vacuumed away, leaving the area exposed, tidy, and visible.

Hydro Vacuum Excavations Auckland- all go hydro

Our Services

All Go Hydro offers a specialized new build excavation service that utilizes high pressure water and a powerful vacuum system to remove soil quickly and safely. With over 30 years of industry experience, our team has the expertise and equipment necessary to excavate and remove soil for new house builds, subdivisions, and civil works in the Greater Auckland region.

All Go Hydro's subdivision excavation service is designed to handle excavation work with delicacy and precision using hydro excavation, also known as non-destructive digging. Our team of experts utilizes powerful hydro excavation equipment to excavate soil quickly and safely for subdivisions in the Greater Auckland region, with the added benefit of avoiding damage to existing underground utilities and tree roots.

All Go Hydro provides specialized civil excavation services for various projects in the Greater Auckland region. With hydro excavation, our team can efficiently and safely excavate soil for civil works, such as the installation of street lamp poles, telephone pole bases, and trenching for underground utilities. Our methods also minimize the risk of damaging hazardous utilities, making it a safe and effective solution for various civil excavation projects.

What are the benefits of hydro vacuum excavations?

Unlike traditional diggers, our method minimizes the risk of damaging gas pipes, power lines, fibre cables, or other hazardous utilities that it comes into contact with. We can also avoid damaging tree roots. Once removed, debris is stored in our truck’s tank and taken away for appropriate disposal. Smaller hole sizes allow for a reduction in excavation and refilling time.

Our hydro excavation service is ideal for a wide range of projects, including locating and repairing underground utilities of all kinds, digging below existing street surfaces with minimum damage, trenching without damaging tree root systems, and street lamp pole and telephone pole base installation. We can also excavate otherwise hard-to-reach areas inside buildings.

Hydro Vacuum Excavations Auckland- all go hydro